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skating on thin ice!

Those of us who work in the pharmaceutical industry, often state the mantra that we are seeking to address unmet medical needs.  We want to ensure that all patients are able to access our innovations.  Yet, at the same time, we want to ensure that we are compensated for our innovations. Without compensation, we simply cannot continue innovations.  Our innovations are becoming more and more expensive.  We are now at the point where true innovations cost a million USD per patient that accesses it.  I can still remember when the United Kingdom did not have the group called NICE. We had to evaluate medicines for quality, safety and efficacy. The United Kingdom has a National Health Service, as do most of the countries in Europe. This meant that the drug bill became unaffordable. NICE was born. Now we have to evaluate new medicines for Quality, Safety, Efficacy and Value. NICE has so much power, that they effectively drive the evaluation of medicines, although they are not experts in new medicine development. Did the pharmaceutical industry’s failure to police itself, in relation to cost, lead to the current situation? You tell me.

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