New medicine development is a relay race
Who are you passing the baton to?

Speid & Associates are experts in acceleration. We understand what it takes to bring your treatments to patients in an expedited way.  

The first and last runners of a relay must be the fastest on a relay team.  However, if any runners drop the baton, all runners are disqualified. We ensure you do not drop the baton by integrating ourselves into your team.

We are experts in injectables, including Chemistry Manufacturing Controls, Terminal Sterilization, Aseptic Processing, etc. 

Speid & Associates are experts in solid dosage forms, including tableting, capsules, dissolution testing, release testing, stability, packaging, etc. 

We are experts in all aspects of new medicine development from research, to drug discovery, IND-enabling development, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Line extensions, Pharmacovigilance, and much more.

Speid & Associates are able to work with your team to provide C-suite support, Board support, Venture Capital and Investor support.  We can be reached at LSPEID@SNDTM.COM.